Neil Sharma MD

Rate of Survival for Esophageal Cancer

Numerous factors affect the chance of esophageal cancer survival. The type of cancer, how far it has progressed, and the cancer cells identified under a microscope will all affect the course of the...

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Is Barrett's Esophagus Cough a Serious Condition?

As per Neil Sharma MD, you may be worried about your Barrett's esophagus cough, but you shouldn't be! GERD is the cause of this relatively uncommon condition. People with GERD are three to five tim...

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Barrett's Esophagus Signs and Symptoms, as well as Treatment Options

Neil Sharma MD  pointed out that If you are experiencing the symptoms that are typical of Barrett's esophagus, you may be interested in learning about the treatment options available to allevi...

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Factors Affecting Endoscopic Surgery Costs

According to Neil Sharma MD, the price of endoscopic surgery varies a lot depending on the location and type of procedure. From a few thousand dollars in a semi-government setting up to $6,000 in a...

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