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According to Neil Sharma MD, the price of endoscopic surgery varies a lot depending on the location and type of procedure. From a few thousand dollars in a semi-government setting up to $6,000 in a private hospital, the surgery is available. Inquire with your physician for an estimate if you have any concerns regarding the procedure's price. An uninsured patient usually has to pay part of the costs out of their own pocket. Coinsurance, deductibles and co-payments are all options for patients with health insurance. It is possible that you will be responsible for the cost of any medicines the surgeon writes for you. But if you can't afford the more expensive prescriptions, you might inquire about generic alternatives.

Cost of anesthesia is an additional consideration. A variety of anesthetics are available, including local, topical, and intravenous (IV) sedation. In most cases, anesthesiologists and nurses are added expenses. The cost of anesthetic goes up when the number of doctors doing the treatment goes up. Consider the fact that a hospital is normally more expensive than a private clinic; hence, a private clinic-based operation will cost you a lower price than one conducted in a hospital setting.

Endoscopic surgery is less expensive than traditional surgery since it is less intrusive. A specialist team is needed, though, in order to make use of it. Neil Sharma MD thinks that this requires a unique hand-eye coordination and sophisticated equipment. Reusable devices and equipment are also required in endoscopic surgery. Furthermore, the cost of this operation is determined by the location and type of surgery done. Although the treatment is quite simple, there are certain hazards associated.

Endoscopic sinus surgery costs between $3600 to $10500, according to a research published in 2021. Another kind of surgery can run up to $10,000 in cost, on the other hand. When compared to medical therapy, a $9,000 operation with no complications was shown to be more cost-effective in Georgia in 2021. Many factors must be taken into account when estimating the price of surgery and the resources required to cover it.

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